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At CriSyS Mecklenburg County, we provide experienced, compassionate crisis intervention to keep individuals and their families safe within their community.

As a crisis intervention program that offers dynamic, comprehensive, and tailored care to individuals experiencing mental health crises, we work closely with community partners to ensure that each person receives the individualized care they need. Our focus is on the person’s health rather than the difficulty itself. We believe that this approach is most effective in helping individuals recover from current crises and avoid future ones.

Our program is designed to provide a continuum of care that includes prevention, intervention, and treatment services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our services are free to all residents of Mecklenburg County.


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I cannot thank you enough for your continued partnership and support. The team that assisted us last week with a DWI client probably saved his life. He is in ICU right now but looks like he will be moved to a regular bed soon. I really appreciate your team's quick response, care and concerns for the members of our community. Thank you!
CMPD Partner/Provider
The Mobile Crisis Team provided excellent service and resources to help my wife receive mental health treatment.
Mecklenburg County Resident
The counselor that I spoke with was awesome. She provided a game that helped [my son] express his feelings in a fun way.
Parent of a CMS Student
Due to CPCRT, the consumer was given the medical attention he needs and will hopefully get the mental assistance he needs as well. Both of these individuals did their job flawlessly and I cannot thank them enough. This call would have ended up in a use of force on the consumer. Thanks to both individuals, the call ended the way it should have with the consumer being taken to the hospital for care. Thank you!!
CMPD Partner
Talking with mobile crisis team helped me to put things into perspective and realize that I am not alone.
Mecklenberg County Resident

You are Resilient. Recovery is Real.

Let CriSyS Mecklenburg County help you find the support you need to be safe in your community and live a brighter tomorrow.